America First Foundation

Our Mission

Welcome to the America First Foundation: a movement founded to educate, promote, and advocate for conservative values based on principles of American Nationalism, Christianity, and Traditionalism.


Spearheaded by our Founder, Nicholas J. Fuentes, the America First movement can be described as an amalgamation of traditional values, Trumpian populism, and American Nationalism.

We are determined to restore the once great nation our forefathers built with their blood, sweat, and tears. A nation that once valued family, decency, Christianity, and its European cultural roots. This nation we once cherished has been torn apart at the seams by nefarious political actors who have subverted the will of the American people for far too long.

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts, our nation remains under threat from these global special interests now more than ever.

We stand against a radical left-wing faction that perpetuates a culture of unrestricted hedonism and advocates for unmitigated immigration in order to destroy the traditional American Nation. We also stand against the Republican political establishment that has been complicit in that same agenda. By idly standing by, and presenting no meaningful opposition to the Left, our Republican leaders have exposed themselves as traitors to their constituents.

Look no further than the 2020 election, where our Republican representatives refused to take any serious action against the flagrant voter fraud perpetrated against our President. Moreover, the GOP has done nothing to help Conservatives as they are relentlessly censored by Big Tech, persecuted for their Christian faith, and forced to watch as their sons are sent to die in unnecessary foreign wars. Like the Democrats, the GOP has become a party beholden only to donors, lobbyists, and global special interests. With the help of millions of like-minded conservatives, the America First movement aims to primary these spineless politicians and replace them with true patriots.


The stakes have never been higher for our nation and without a unified, concerted effort, we may lose our country to forces that want us silenced and controlled indefinitely.


All Americans who are unashamed of their heritage and who care to preserve the identity of America for their posterity must support the America First movement. We are not willing to sit back and allow the globalist elite to auction off our country to the highest bidder. We will stand up and fight for America’s sovereignty. Let us finish what President Trump started in 2016 and reclaim our nation. With your help, America First will be inevitable.