News – January 10, 2024

Fuentes Rally II has once again raised the bar for the rapidly growing America First movement. On the evening of July 16, a crowd of 500 attendees were packed shoulder-to-shoulder in a grand ballroom, eager to listen to the latest exploits of the number one American Nationalist in the country.

This new Fuentes Rally was equal parts royal and refined, with the new gold motif reflecting the power and prestige America First is acquiring. Playing on a massive screen behind Fuentes during his speech were several dozen scenes of moving weaponry, angelic wings, and flowing golden lights. They helped to illustrate the gravity of war, in this case, America First’s spiritual, “holy war” against the American Regime. These visceral video vignettes set a dramatic tone, putting the movement aesthetically on par with the top Conservative events in the nation.

Adding to this competition was the fact that TPUSA’s own event was going on the very same weekend. Their event’s speaker lineup included Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, and even former President Donald Trump. Despite this, TPUSA only managed to turn out 1000 attendees. Nick was able to sell out his entire venue less than a day after tickets went live, receiving a raucous army of 500 supporters. As Nick elucidated in his speech, it’s clear whose movement is gaining on whom:

“We are not fighting a conventional war against Con Inc., against Turning Point USA, against Conservatives – we don’t have $50 million from Zionist donors every single year… but in many ways we’ve already won…every day Groypers who believe in this message, who believe in me, are infiltrating the highest ranks of their leadership. But we’re all here today 100 percent ideologically aligned: this is a revolution. This is what I’m talking about.”

Nick’s speech electrified the crowd from the very start. Soon after taking to the stage, he highlighted one of the greatest threats to America in the 21st century -- Jewish Power:

"500 young people gathered here today because word is getting out that we have got to get rid of Jewish Power in America. They've done everything that they can to stop it. They've censored, they've killed, canceled, blacklisted, but we are here to say that America is not a Jewish nation; America is a Christian nation."

Nick Fuentes

In between uproarious applause breaks, Nick made several incisive remarks about the pernicious influence of Jews over American sovereignty. For decades Jewish activists have infiltrated and dominated the American elite. Much of their success can be attributed to their ethnic nepotism, which has been a deeply ingrained part of Jewish religion and culture for thousands of years. This becomes a major problem when Jews, many of whom hold the highest levers of power in the country, reject Jesus Christ, the Messiah for the vast majority of Americans. While other religions are neutral or even view Jesus as an important spiritual teacher, Judaism is the only religion that harbors a longstanding hatred towards Jesus, and non-Jews as a whole.

Nick brought out a long list of receipts, spotlighting the very particular and vitriolic beliefs of the Jews. Quoting directly from the Talmud, their chief holy book, Nick read aloud passages which display the hidden core of Jewish belief.

Jewish tradition dictates all Gentiles (non-Jews) are considered ‘animals’ and ‘beasts’. As a result, Jews are free to manipulate and mistreat Gentiles with moral impunity. The Talmud confirms these hateful beliefs, going so far as to condone the rape and murder of Gentiles. The Talmud also condones the usage of “lies to circumvent the Gentiles” making it incredibly difficult to have honest dialogue with Jews on these issues. None of these sadistic rules apply to themselves, however:

“If a Gentile hits a Jew, he must be killed, but when a Jew murders a Gentile, there will be no death penalty.”
Sanhedrin 57B

Due to rampant censorship of social media, few people are aware of these deeply troubling facts. After Nick’s speech “Talmud” became a trending topic on Twitter for multiple days. It goes to show the public is eager to investigate these claims, needing only a single courageous voice to start the conversation. This issue of religion, specifically within the elite, is neither abstract nor insignificant. Its effects are tangible in our daily lives:

Nick Fuentes
“Do you think it might be a problem that the people that are running your banks, that are making the movies your children watch… think all Christians must die? It’s a big problem. It’s a huge problem. And the only reason nobody is talking about it is because they’re afraid.”

This untenable situation can only be solved by a radical transformation of power: replacing Jewish leaders with Christian ones: "All we want is Christians running the government. That is how you get a Christian society" "It's simple: we need Christians in charge, we need Christians making the laws."

The removal of non-Christian leadership must also extend beyond Jews. Atheists, secularists, Muslims, all cannot be permitted to hold power and influence over a Christian nation. Their beliefs necessarily have a corrupting effect on our religious core, a decline that we are only now starting to see emerge in full effect. The decline of Christians as leading voices in American institutions is directly tied to another core issue for America First: White Genocide.

The acknowledgment of White genocide comes at a critical time in American history. As America becomes flooded with hordes of violent and non-White immigrants, all minority groups feel increasingly empowered to disenfranchise Whites, whom they perceive as being the cause of all their supposed historical oppression. These immigrants, legal and illegal, have no respect or love for America. They treat our home as a blank check, constantly siphoning off our resources without contributing anything of value. If this weren’t bad enough, their exceedingly high birthrates displace our native population, the people who built this country. This erasure of American identity strikes a major chord for Fuentes and his base. Nick once again made clear that America is much more than an idea, it is a people:

"The European people and civilization that we get in Western Europe... [and] over here in the United States, it doesn't come from a creed, it doesn't come from a culture, it doesn't come from ideas... It's because of who we are; it's in our DNA… White people produce a White society. As a consequence, it is only White people that can continue a White Society, which is what we will have happen at any cost. That is the imperative"
Nick Fuentes

If this invasion isn’t swiftly dealt with, White people won’t have a home in America by the end of the century; we will be living in the ruins of a once great nation for centuries to come. To solve this existential crisis, Nick called for a total immigration moratorium:

"America has got to be turned into a moat, and we cannot have one additional net immigrant, indefinitely, for the rest of the century."

Nick reaffirmed to the crowd his movement’s two most fundamental axioms: “America First” and “Jesus Christ is King”. These two concepts work as an integral pair: ‘America First’ addressing the nationalist, political aspect of the movement, and ‘Christ is King’ giving America First its spiritual and moral foundations:

"This is a just and reasonable platform. It's not crazy, it's not racist, it's not hateful, it's not even fringe. It is based on two principles: America must come First... [and] that Jesus Christ is King".

Nick Fuentes

Religious piety and humility were also among the primary themes of Fuentes Rally II. This message stands in stark contrast with many of the other offerings in the modern Right-Wing. Influencers like Andrew and Tristan Tate, whom Fuentes called out during his rally, glorify personal material gain as the solution to escaping the woes of the modern world. Fast cars, frequent promiscuous sex, and ‘self improvement’ for its own sake are all made out to be a substitute for meaning. Nick thoroughly rejected this message:

"When it comes to what young men have to do and why they have to do it: the wealth, the money, the girls, the career, all of that is secondary. That's not the primary objective, and the reason why is because all those things -- you're not going to take with you when you die… The life that we live here is fleeting, it's temporary and so much of the modern world is built up to distract us from that."

Nick advocated the principle of memento mori: remember your death. Young men should be constantly contemplating the fact that their lives are finite. The only way one can find lasting meaning and fulfillment is through a relationship with God. For Fuentes, the true battle going on in America and throughout the world is a spiritual one. To fight in this ‘holy war’, Nick advised his audience to frequently pray:

“We want a Christian future in our lifetimes. That’s what we’re building slowly but surely, piece by piece… so my message to you is this: Get right with God. Pray, go to the Mass, perform the sacraments, but then you need to go out there and fight like a holy warrior… I know that we’re going to win because unlike our opposition we are actually willing to die for what we believe in.”

Nick Fuentes

Nick finished by calling on his supporters to “get right with God” to help build a Christian future for America. It can only be an army of young men who are filled with spiritual conviction, who can conquer the fear of death, that will be able to achieve this miraculous feat:

“We want a Christian future in our lifetimes. That’s what we’re building slowly but surely, piece by piece… so my message to you is this: Get right with God. Pray, go to the Mass, perform the sacraments, but then you need to go out there and fight like a holy warrior… I know that we’re going to win because unlike our opposition we are actually willing to die for what we believe in.”