The America First Political Action Conference is the annual assembly of the best that the true American Right has to offer. Presented by the America First Foundation, it has quickly emerged as one of the defining conferences in the nation. In just a few short years, AFPAC has grown to a massive event with world-famous speakers and over a thousand attendees. Our conferences have made shockwaves on Capitol Hill, in the media, and attracted the best and brightest from all generations, especially Generation Z. This young base of support is a clear sign that our ideas will define the future.

Michelle Malkin


AFPAC took place on February 28, 2020 in the heart of Washington, D.C. with approximately 120 attendees. The event featured three speakers: Nick Fuentes, Michelle Malkin, and Scott Greer, and was attended by many close allies of the movement. AFPAC’s debut conference built off the momentum of the now-historic “Groyper War,” and it was at this event where the idea for the America First Foundation first took shape.



AFPAC II, the America First Foundation’s inaugural event, was held on February 26, 2021 in Florida at the Hilton Orlando resort, attracting about 500 attendees. Quadrupling in size over the previous year, the event highlighted six speakers: Nick Fuentes, Michelle Malkin, Vince James, Jon Miller, Former congressman Steve King, and Rep. Paul Gosar. Featuring two federally elected representatives, AFPAC II represented a massive leap forward and helped legitimize America First as an authentic political movement. Due to the unprecedented chilling effect and political persecution in the wake of January 6, AFPAC II was almost called off and was considered a great risk by some allies. It was only thanks to Nick’s immense courage and forsight that saved the event and propelled America First to new heights.



AFPAC III took place on February 25, 2022 in Florida at the massive Orlando World Center Marriott. With another significant increase in size, the event soared to over 1,000 attendees and showcased ten speakers: Nick Fuentes, Vince James, Stew Peters, Joe Arpaio, Jesse Lee Peterson, Andrew Torba, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and virtual appearances from Rep. Paul Gosar, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, and state Rep. Wendy Rogers. AFPAC III’s star-studded lineup of speakers and massive crowd signaled America First’s exponential growth. AF was now undeniably knocking on the door of the mainstream.

Most Cancelled Man

The Most Canceled Man in America

The Most Canceled Man in America premiered in Las Vegas on July 14, 2022. Directed and produced by filmmakers Paul Escandon and Jason Rink, the groundbreaking documentary explores the death of free speech in America and Nick Fuentes’ unprecedented political persecution by the federal government in the wake of January 6, despite having committed no crimes. Presented by the America First Foundation to a sold-out theater, the screening also featured an in-person panel interview and Q&A with Nick Fuentes, Paul Escandon, and Jason Rink.

Fuentes Rally

Fuentes Rally

Fuentes Rally was an experimental and innovative press conference held on March 4th, 2023 across the street from CPAC in National Harbor near Washington, D.C. Delivered to a packed conference room, the all-black-and-white aesthetic coupled with Christian and apocalyptic imagery added a new dimension of artistry and gravitas to underpin a new philosophy: Christian Futurism.

Fuentes Rally II

Fuentes Rally II

On July 16th 2023, Fuentes Rally II expanded on the previous formula, taking the experimental production and visuals to a far greater level. Delivered at the West Palm Beach Marriott to several hundred attendees, Nick’s speech touched on the current events of the day and further outlined the goals of America First. The raucous crowd cheered as Fuentes declared the top three goals of: putting Christians in power, ending immigration, and putting the interests of America and Christ first–always.