The America First Foundation is an organization dedicated to crafting a new vision of the American nation. We champion the role of God in society, upholding the principles of Nationalism, Christianity, and Traditionalism.

Founded in 2020 by President Nicholas J. Fuentes, the America First Foundation seeks to carry the vision of 2016 forward–transforming it into a more authentic, effective, and Christian movement.

Our country is having a crisis of faith. We’ve lost faith in God, in our institutions, and in our destiny as a people. This absence has left the foundational pillars of America in ruins. Immigration has spiraled into a mass invasion, eroding our identity as Americans. Our cities, once shining achievements of our prosperous civilization, are now symbols of decline and decay. Our people have been taught to hate themselves and their ancestors, all the while being encouraged to embrace degeneracy and sin.

Our forefathers created this nation with their blood, sweat, and tears. Their struggle produced a country rooted in Christ, family, and virtue. Following in their footsteps, we aim to restore those lost values while building a happy, healthy, and prosperous future. Much like our ancestors, we strive to create a home with dignity and reverence for God.

While we take inspiration from the past, our movement is focused on the future as we plot a new course for America in the decades and even centuries to come. We are tapping into the creativity of our nation’s young Christian men, born and raised in a technologically rich, but spiritually poor era. It is these visionaries who will remake the American character, grounding it in Christian virtue and societal excellence. America First is carving a path forward that is truly revolutionary. With your continued help and support, this movement can actualize its vision for the future, forging a new version of America, worthy of our posterity.