NEWS – FEBRUARY 20, 2023

Fuentes Rally full recap

In a dark chamber, with a massive display of monochromatic futuristic visuals behind his figure, Fuentes keenly articulated the necessity for a new Christian mission. A prescient vision centered on creating a new, unprecedented, Christian civilization in America. Fuentes took the stage with the cross behind him. And for 45 minutes Fuentes articulated the necessity of an unprecedented Christian vision for America; a movement not oriented backwards to the past, but forward towards a new Christian future in the 21st century.

FRII Speech

“We are being held hostage as a country, and as a people, and as an entire generation by a small minority that doesn’t even share our values. Why should we continue to honor that script? Why should we continue to honor that structure?”

According to Fuentes, a prosperous, righteous civilization is only possible with an elite that hold an authentic belief in Jesus Christ. An aristocracy without faith in God as our creator, the author of the universe, and without a focus on Christ as the way, the truth, and the light, will necessarily lead to a backwards, abominable civilization in total disarray.

“It's about Jesus Christ. Because if you’re not making your decisions based on a true faith in God, and a conviction that our thoughts, words, and deeds matter; that there’s moral weight to them; that they resonate and echo through spiritual dimensions. If you don’t believe that, what’s motivating your decisions?

Fuentes articulated that it is only from this foundation of genuine belief that a new Christian society can be constructed. Fuentes elaborated on the necessity of a forward focused mission centered around the creation of a new Christian society; this, he calls Christian Futurism.

Fuentes stated definitively that the focus can no longer be on reclaiming the past. We should not strive to go back to the 1950s or 1800s again; that is gone, and reclamation is impossible. But moreover, we should as Christians permit ourselves to think boldly; to not limit ourselves in futile efforts to recreate the past, but to envision a truly great future for Christianity in this world. And with this, Fuentes gave the most important, essential, motivating quote of the night.

“We want this century to be the MOST Christian century in the history of planet Earth!”


And if this century is to be one characterized by Christianity, there are clearly aspects of our society in need of revival. The disgusting, perverse, elements of our society require eradication. Fuentes pointed to Michael Knowles’ CPAC speech where Knowles argued that transgenderism ought to be eradicated from public life.

Fuentes took this a step further. If society is to be built anew, we must eliminate all aspects of our society that are not in accordance with Christ—not in accordance with the truth. Naturally, transgenderism is a part of this, but so too is feminism, liberalism, and Satanism, Fuentes stated.

Fuentes proceeded in listing societal elements that must be eradicated for a new Christian civilization to flourish. Fuentes stated unequivocally that for America to again become a Christian society, Talmudic Judaism, which is uniquely hostile to Jesus Christ and his teaching, must relinquish control of America’s epicenters of power and influence.

“This country can no longer be held hostage by a small minority that doesn’t even believe in the real God.”

In closing, Fuentes definitively established the mission of his movement: to create a Christian future in our time.

Fuentes stated that the only way this vision can be actualized is with the boldness of authentic Christianity. We can no longer compromise with the entrenched godless elite. As Christians a glorious Christ-centered civilization can only be brought forth if we are willing to sacrifice everything for our mission. We must allow our faith to translate into a willingness to pay the ultimate price for our God. Unequivocally Fuentes declared: We must be willing to die for Jesus Christ.

“The mission of our movement is to make this country a Christian country. The mission is to create a Christian future in our time—and we can do that. The difference has got to be this: We have got to be willing to DIE for Jesus Christ. It’s that simple. Because if there are thousands, and millions, and tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of Christians ready to meet their final destiny and take it, because we believe in God.”

Then nothing can stop us, and nothing will.